The best!!!
New Job, New hair….
Sunday walk with the family - such nice weather
Happy moments

First birthday!

My email account just told me that it is my first birthday on tumblr. I thought for this occasion I would like to write something after I haven’t been writing in a long time. To be honest time just passes by, if you become sucked into the normal float of life.
I realised that I miss travelling a lot and I don’t think that we human beings are supposed to waste our times working. Don’t get me wrong - money is unfortunately important to do or afford a lot of things - but it’s not everything. So even though I got a proper job now, I know for sure that I will be travelling again soon. A working place is just one stop, to safe what I need for my travels. Enjoy life in the fullest and every fucking moment. Turn the negative into something great!!!
We people think, talk and worry too much - the only thing I am trying to do - instead of finding out what makes me happy - is stop thinking all the time. It’s so good to just switch off and feel.

So happy first birthday to myself:)

Really an amazing weekend in London
Heron Tower elevator - yes, we have to take pics of everything!
two people acting smart…
The only way to survive the cold and boring winter…. And not fall asleep every hour -_-
Christmas Time - Yeah
Vietnamese coffee - Nom nom nom
If you see those sticky eyes randomly in London…. It’s my cousins signature!

Munich - Home??

I am back, or shall I say back home??? I don’t know. All I know is, that I am feeling good and comfortable. Of course, it is quite weird still not to have my own flat/house because I am sleeping here and there. My clothes are everywhere and I don’t even have my own key  -  FUCK, I am  homeless ;)   -   But it is ok for now and things won’t stay as they are. Nearly two weeks in Munich and I have like three jobs. And as usual not enough money. Can you ever have enough?? Maybe… But I don’t care. All what matters is, that I am healthy and happy!!!

such a beautiful thing….